Veganism: Busting the Myths – Pi Magazine

The latest issue of Pi Magazine is out now and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It’s my first as Editor of Lifestyle, which means I was able to come up with my own ideas and really shape the section in the way I would like it to grow.

In this issue I wrote an article which tackles the stereotypes and misconceptions of a vegan diet. Although I’m not strictly vegan myself, plant-based does form the basis of my diet, and so I have often experienced these myths. Certainly to many, being a vegan is a way of life, but to others it’s a convenient label. What I wanted to show here is that labels, more often than not, cannot tell the whole story and that many connotations of the word ‘vegan’ are simply untrue. I did enjoy writing this one, so please give it a read!

As part of my new role, I also proposed, commissioned and edited the article on keeping a Gratitude Journal. I have yet to take up this practice up myself, which made it so interesting to read Mary’s take on it.

Pi Magazine is available across the UCL Campus now, and also online here: Issue 715. Be sure to turn to pages 30-32!

If you are a UCL student and are interested in writing for the Lifestyle section, both online and print, please join the Facebook group for more info.





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