A Foodie Paradise in Camden


Tucked away in a small corner of Camden Lock Market is the not so well-kept secret of Solomans’ Yard. More commonly referred to as Camden Food Market, locals and tourists alike flock to this corner of London to immerse their tastebuds. Often with food markets, it’s difficult to know what to expect, or even which ones are best to visit for the foods you love. These concerns need not apply to Solomans’ Yard, as its rich diversity means you’ll never be disappointed. It continues the alternative and shabby, yet recently-gentrified, vibe which Camden exudes. It certainly deserves its new reputation as one of London’s foodie hotspots.

I rarely ventured up to Camden until recently, but since I discovered all it has to offer I’ve been back so many times. The first time I visited the Food Market was at the beginning of this year and now, whenever I’m in Camden, this is always where I head to eat. It’s the kind of place you can just keep going back to because, trust me, you’ll want to try everything! So, my first bit of advice would be to do a reconnaissance before making any decisions, though I doubt you’ll have any regrets no matter what you choose. For me, this only demonstrates the quality on offer. I love how the stalls here truly celebrate real street food and represent cuisine from all cultures and diets.

Plant-based food is my passion; you may think that street food would not be able to accommodate this. I must admit that I was doubtful myself before I got there, but I could not have been more wrong. Every other stall was veggie-focused and nearly all of them had gluten-free options. So, if you’re planning to visit any time soon (and I hope after reading this you are!), here are a few of my recommendations…

Mains – There is no short supply of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options here. In fact, you’re spoilt for choice! As you scramble around the food market (yes, overcrowding is a consequence of its success) I’d especially look out for these names: Chia, which serves vibrant salad boxes involving quinoa, beet ‘slaw, guacamole, kale and toasted seeds. The Mediterranean-inspired Pure Earth Salads – so, so yummy. Also, Sonita’s Kitchen which is dedicated to serving healthy, veggie Indian food. And of course, you must look out for the falafel stand – Falafel Time.



Sweet Treats – To accompany your lunch, or to take home for later, there are plenty of treats to be found at Camden Market. If you’re after something sweet then look no further than Cupcakes & Shhht! It may come as no surprise that this is probably my favourite stall in the food market. There are delicious vegan cupcakes, as well as raw options which include the peanut butter slice, beetroot brownie and chia and cacao energy balls. From personal experience, I can recommend all of these choices! Cupcakes and Shht is not alone however; for more healthy sweet treats, look out for Rawwwsome too.


Drinks – On a cold January day, a detox juice made with carrots, ginger and orange would not be top of my list. But as spring is slowing turning into summer, the Juice Bar is where I have been heading first! There are some amazing flavour combinations to choose from. What’s even better is that they are all made to order, so you can watch your juice being made while you wait. The same applies to the equally tempting smoothies. However, throughout the chillier periods, the same stall also offers mulled wine. Not exactly a health-kick, but who can resist a mulled wine in winter? Finally, for those in need of their caffeine fix, the Ethiopian Organic Coffee should be your one-stop.


Here, I have focused on all things plant-based, and I hope this has tempted you to visit Camden Food Market. Yet, the reason it’s often called the ‘global kitchen’ is not a coincidence – there’s something to suit all tastebuds and preferences, which I feel is a rare find.

Where? – Camden Town is the closest tube station (Northern Line). The Food Market is nestled in amongst the Camden Lock craft markets.

When? – The market is open everyday 10am -6pm. It’s always buzzing, but even more so at the weekends. It’s great in the winter, when you can enjoy a warming cup of mulled wine, and in the summer sunshine too! But if it’s raining, then I’d give it a miss, as there’s not much undercover.

Price? – Much cheaper than going to a restaurant for lunch; everything is reasonably priced.



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