Health Cafes: Some of London’s Best

This week I’ve been writing an article for Pi Media on London’s health cafes – places which I absolutely love to visit! Of course, there are so many in London, but here, I’ve included the spots I go to on a regular basis. I’ve also highlighted these five in particular because I believe that they’re places which everyone can enjoy, regardless of individual diets, and don’t feel too extreme or intimidating. These cafes are perfect for casual dining, grabbing lunch on-the-go, or sitting down with a friend over a coffee – just with a nutritious twist!

I’ve written individual posts about some of them already: Wild Food Cafe, Roots Juicery and 26 Grains. There’s also a place I’ve recently discovered called Alara Organic Cafe, which has the additional bonus of being inside an amazing health food shop. Finally, there’s The Mae Deli; the brainchild of Deliciously Ella and latest addition to the London health cafe scene. I adore this place, so look out for my upcoming post where I’ll share my thoughts in more detail!

In the mean time, please take a look at the article here: Pi Media – 5 Health Cafes




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