RECIPE – Almond and Ginger ‘Energy Balls’

This is the first recipe that I have put up on this blog and I’m very excited about it! I frequently experiment with food and different flavours but honestly, I’m more of a recipe follower than a recipe creator. However, these are so good I couldn’t not share them – they’re simple, quick and best of all, absolutely irresistible. A lot of will power is required not to eat them all at once!

The idea behind these balls came from many famous health foodies, including Deliciously Ella and Madeline Shaw, both of which you’ll know I’m a huge fan of. Yet, I wanted to put my own twist on this concept using ingredients and flavours that I love. So, after pulling out some medjool dates which are the staple base for any ‘energy ball’, I went through my pantry and added whatever took my fancy. I have to admit, the combination of almond and ginger was an automatic winner and I love how the ginger really comes though. For me, this is the perfect recipe!

Why do they make the perfect snack? This is especially relevant for this time of year, with so many of us trying lots of different ways to be healthier. This is a snack that is indulgent, but guilt-free. They are also gluten-free, refined sugar-free and vegan to be precise, but that seems an extremely mundane way of describing them, and by no means appreciates just how delicious they are. I always believe that food tastes better the more natural and unprocessed it is and these are one of the best examples. The addition of cacao powder makes them really chocolatey and comforting, and the natural sugars in the dates means they’re a great alternative for all those with a sweet tooth (this is definitely me!) However, dates won’t spike your blood sugar levels and the cinnamon and ginger are also help in regulating this. Whilst these aren’t the most low-calorie snack you could opt for, they are certainly not empty calories which is far more important. Their name ‘energy balls’ has certainly been earned because they will provide you with that perfect pick-me-up to keep you going.

You can get all these ingredients from the supermarket, and if you don’t want to use cacao powder just replace it with cocoa power and increase the quantity (cacao powder is much stronger). I would however, recommend bulk-buying medjool dates online as this works out to be more economical. The last thing you’ll need is a food processor, and you’re ready to get going!

Makes 12 Balls

1 1/2 cups Medjool Dates
1/3 cup Almonds
1/4 cup Pumpkin Seeds
1 tbsp Cacao Powder
1 tsp Ground Ginger
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1. Place the almonds and pumpkin seeds into a food processor and pulse until they are in rough pieces – this gives the balls some crunch and a lovely texture.
2. Pit the medjool dates and add them to the mixture, along with the remaining ingredients, and process.
3. When the mixture is just beginning to stick together, turn off the food processor.
4. Mould the mixture together with your hands, ensuring that the almond are fully combined, and shape into twelve balls.
5. Place the balls onto a tray and leave in the freezer for half an hour.
6. After this time, either enjoy, or store in the fridge for future consumption.




5 thoughts on “RECIPE – Almond and Ginger ‘Energy Balls’

  1. These look delicious and I will give them a try (love most foods with ginger). Speaking of ginger, I’m guessing under ingredients that you meant “ground ginger” rather than “ground ground” ~ thanks for sharing!


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