5 Reasons Why I Love Winter Wonderland

There is no better way to celebrate 1st December than a trip to Winter Wonderland. And yes, it is necessary to celebrate 1st December! It’s the day from which the Christmas festivities can officially begin, and the countdown towards the big day really gets going. This is without a doubt my favourite time of year, and I think Winter Wonderland sums up the mood of the entire season.

In previous years I’ve tried visiting when it first opens in the middle of November, but to be honest, it just isn’t the same and I kind of feel like I’m breaking the rules by getting into the festive spirit a little too early. So, it was inspired when my housemates suggested that we go on the first day of the best month of the year, forget about all the work we have to do for a bit, and really immerse ourselves in the festive atmosphere of Winter Wonderland. I find it’s also best to go in the evening as the whole place seems to come alive, and the smells, sights and sounds intensify.

It goes without saying that Winter Wonderland is a must-visit if you’re in London around the holiday period. Everyone knows about it, and you certainly don’t need me to recommend it. The whole place has an ambience that words cannot do justice to, but with that aside, here are just some of the reasons that explain my love for Winter Wonderland.

1. The Bavarian Village
There are Bavarian Villages popping up across the UK in all Christmas Markets at the moment. I love that jolly atmosphere that they have, and the one at Winter Wonderland is no different, aside from perhaps being the largest. With live music, the enticing aroma of so many different kinds of food, and everyone just enjoying themselves, it’s a great place to be.


2. The Carousel Bar
Mulled wine has to be up there with the best drinks that the festive season provides, and what better way to enjoy it than on the Carousel Bar at Winter Wonderland. Don’t worry, it doesn’t go round quite as fast as an ordinary carousel, and at least its meant to spin unlike the feeling you may get if you’ve consumed a few too many mulled wines! But if you’re after a different tipple, do not fear, the bar is fully stocked with everything you can think of.

3. The Christmas Lights
Everywhere always looks so pretty when it’s been decorated with Christmas lights, and the ones at Winter Wonderland are amongst some of the best in London. They provide a sensational backdrop in the setting of Hyde Park, making it feel truly magical. These pictures are only half the story, so you must see them for yourselves.


4. The Food Stalls
… and their amazing flavour ideas! Pina Colada curd, Apple and Cinnamon marzipan, Oreo fudge… the list is endless! The food stalls host some of the best food on offer at Christmas. Whether you’re after the perfect foodie gift, or something to nibble on whilst you walk around, it will certainly not be necessary to complain about the quality and choices at Winter Wonderland. I bought the ideal gift of Mulled Wine chutney for my mum (so hopefully she’s not reading this!) and there’s even a falafel stall. Who would have guessed?

5. The Rides
I’m so tempted by fairground rides, as they remind me so much of childhood. The waltzers have to be my personal favourite, although they are not recommended if you’ve recently indulged in the wonderful food that Winter Wonderland has to offer! But, more gentle rides are plentiful, including the ferris wheel which has such pretty views over Hyde Park and London. Likewise, there are just as many which make even myself, a self-confessed lover of adrenaline rides, feel slighted daunted.


Winter Wonderland is open 20th November 2015 – 3rd January 2016, 10am until 10pm. So, remember to pay a visit this Christmas season!


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