Roots Juicery – Fitzrovia

London is bursting with juiceries and delis, and I love trying as many out as I can. Roots Juicery opened in August, close to Goodge Street Station which is just a short walk from my university campus. Now halfway though the autumn term, I regret leaving it this long to pay a visit!


Like so many places, I first saw Roots Juicery on Instagram as it had been recommended by a few healthy foodies I follow. Its speciality is, of course, juices but the raw sweet treats and veggie lunches were another of the draws for me. As was the location, and I now know that I can pay a visit to Roots Juicery whenever I need to.

Roots Juicery is on Charlotte Place, a quaint little pedestrianised lane leading off Goodge Street. I hadn’t really explored this area too much, and I realised that it was the perfect location for a new juice bar to set up; it’s full of so many enticing eateries. It’s also an area that’s really got that London lunchtime buzz, with lots of people in search of more than your ordinary sandwich.

Because of the way I eat (i.e. meat and gluten free) I can never usually buy lunch out, so nearly always take it with me. Sometimes however, it makes a nice change to have something that’s truly, truly delicious like the food at Roots Juicery. It’s all made on the day and displayed behind the counter, meaning you know that you’ll always be getting delicious, fresh food. Although, as everything right in front of you it makes choosing what to have a difficult task!


Inside has that rustic, shabby-chic vibe with seating that looks like the stalls you used to sit on in science. I found that most people there were grabbing lunch on-the-go, but there are plenty of indoor and outdoor seating areas if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy your food. The staff are also super friendly, and ready to give advice on your juice decisions! I opted for number 7: apple, carrot, beetroot, celery and parsley. It has a beautifully vibrant colour, and tasted equally as good.


What I like about the food at Roots Juicery, is the flavour combinations that they use. From sweet potato and quinoa salad with maple yoghurt dressing, to roasted veg, spinach and walnut pesto sarnies … everything sounds like something I would want to try! I know a lot of it might seem pretty fancy but really, they just use simple, nourishing ingredients that all come together so wonderfully. They’re also really filling, which should keep you going throughout the afternoon.

But the best thing about Roots Juicery? The sweet treats! I have such a sweet tooth but now I turn to naturally occurring sugars, and I think they do taste so much better. Quinoa cookies, coffee cake and granola bars are just some of the options available. Yet personally, I could not resist the raw snickers bar; caramelly, penutnutty goodness coated in raw chocolate. The dream. And ten times better than your ordinary snickers bar.


I think there are definitely enough reasons here to pay Roots Juicery a visit. I for one am glad that I’ve discovered this little gem.

Instagram: @rootsjuiceryldn


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