The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

No, not the famous movie from the 80s, but the most fun and quirky handful of restaurants spread across London. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so any place with the word ‘breakfast’ in has to be a winner for me. I visited The Breakfast Club in Soho for the first time around two years ago and have since been to ones in Islington and Tower Bridge. Each is different, yet they all have that alternative vibe and serve delicious, inventive food that you’ll tell your friends about.

The Breakfast Club, or more affectionately known as The Brekky Club, celebrated its tenth birthday this year, after the first restaurant opened in Soho in 2005. From here it has gone from strength to strength, with a second springing up in Camden Passage, Islington two years later followed by Hoxton, Spitalfields and many more. However, The Brekky Club is no longer London’s little secret as the first restaurant outside of the capital has opened in Brighton.

The first time I ate at The Breakfast Club was in their Soho restaurant. It’s just off Oxford Street, but still not easy to stumble across and is a case of once you know where it is, it’s not hard to find. Especially as the the outside is painted egg-yolk yellow and more often than not there’s a long line of people outside. There are no reservations for the majority of restaurants either, so it’s just a case of first come first served. Don’t let this put you off though, there’s no room to inside to queue which makes it look much worse, and the wait is inarguably worth it.

It’s fairly small inside, with the mismatched tables and chairs slotted into every available space like a jigsaw. Normally dining two centimetres from a stranger wouldn’t be that pleasant, but here the cosiness only adds to the unconventional experience. The decor is also amazing. So retro and so many things to look at, meaning you will always be entertained. The cheery waiter guided us to our table before allowing us to peruse the extensive menu. The people who work here are so friendly and are really important in creating the relaxed atmosphere The Breakfast Club has.

I ordered a favourite of mine, Eggs Royale, with a Cappuccino to drink. It did take a while to arrive due to it being an extremely busy morning, but as we weren’t in a rush it didn’t matter on this occasion. I love the mugs that the hot drinks are served in – they sell them too and I must get one! The Eggs Royale was equally as impressive, both in the way it looked and tasted. Unlike some of the other options on the menu (such as the pancakes, as I found out) the portion was manageable and I was nicely satisfied.

Eggs Royale with a Cappuccino

Surprisingly the waiters weren’t impatient for us to leave, but I did feel quite guilty towards those still in the queue outside, so we left as soon as we’d paid and let our breakfast settle.

This one is even more difficult to find and even smaller inside. Tucked away in Camden Passage, it somehow feels more authentic than the original in Soho. It exudes charm and individuality from the outside and its interior too.

This time we had a specific reason for wanting to visit The Breakfast Club – it was Pancake Day. Cautious of the queues for perhaps one of the busiest days for The Brekky Club, we got there pretty early and were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately. We timed it well, as from then it started to get very crowded.

Pancakes topped with vanilla cream and berries.

The Breakfast Club had a special competition on in order to celebrate the momentous day devoted to pancakes. A huge stack of a dozen pancakes, and if you could eat them all in under twelve minutes, they’re free. If not, you have to pay for them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough for this and to be honest, I really could never have finished them! They also had so many specials in addition to the other pancakes on their menu, including Lemon Meringue. I opted for the berries and vanilla cream one (cheat day!), which was absolutely delicious but so so filling. It was definitely a memorable pancake day!

This is one of the newer Breakfast Club’s in London and so perhaps it was to be expected that it is much larger than the others, and almost opposite London Bridge Station. It doesn’t have the sunshine facade as the others do unfortunately, but I guess this is because it’s on a busier road and so would stand out maybe a little too much. It’s also really close to Borough Market, another of my favourite places, making this the perfect spot for something to eat before browsing the delights on offer there.

There’s plenty of room here, and we even got a booth to ourselves. Avocado on toasted Rye bread has honestly become one of my favourite meals, and so accompanied by a poached egg and some chilli, this is what I ordered. A lemon and ginger tea to drink too. My friend ordered the breakfast burrito which seemed a little unorthodox, but it did look appetising and apparently tasted amazing. That’s what is great about Brekky Club; there’s so much to choose from!

Mashed avocado on toasted rye bread, with a poached egg and chilli.

The Breakfast Club is not just open for breakfast though, and it does have other menus for lunch and dinner. They kind of have a Mexican theme, along with other classics such as burgers and salads. It even has cocktail menu that it next on my list of things to try!

In my experience, I think The Breakfast Club is a great little place if you’re looking for something a bit different, but still with tasty food and drink. It’s the perfect place to go with others or take friends to if they’re visiting London. Be aware of the time you visit, as you don’t want it to be ruined by your lost patience. However, I doubt you’ll be disappointed whatever the wait.

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