Wild Food Cafe

Neal’s Yard is one of London’s hidden gems. I’d heard a lot about, but I had just never been. It’s one of those places that you would never find unless you know where it is, as although it’s basically in the heart of Covent Garden, it’s down this little alley way. I’d seen many pictures and knew it was an extremely pretty place, so I was glad to find time this weekend to head down there.

My reason was actually to have lunch at Wild Food Cafe. I’ve become a bit of a Deliciously Ella enthusiast at the moment and have decided to immerse myself in her way of eating. I adore this kind of food as I think everything tastes so much better when all the ingredients are natural and plant-based. She had recommended this place in her book and after visiting, I can definitely see why!

As you enter the yard, the mishmash of buildings and array of bold colours is breathtaking and you feel as though this cannot be England! It has quite a Mediterranean feel about it, which is what makes it so quirky in amongst the touristy Covent Garden atmosphere. The cafe itself is situated on top of Neal’s Yard Remedies, so has beautiful views across Neal’s Yard. When I went it was a sunny Saturday afternoon so all the windows were wide open which was lovely! 

Wild Food Cafe is a bustling little place. It’s only small inside but I think this only adds to its charm. We had to queue a bit to be seated however, this must be a reflection of its great reputation and I can’t see it ever being quiet! Inside has an artsy vibe, and the seating arrangement makes it feel really chilled out. There are a few tables by the windows but the rest of the seating is around the bar. All of the cooking is done in the centre, so you can see all the food being prepared with the amazing ingredients!

Sitting around the bar, choosing what to order!
Sitting around the bar, choosing what to order!

The menu isn’t extensive, which was probably a good thing because everything sounded so good I just couldn’t decide! After all, it’s definitely about quality not quantity, to use the old cliché. I eventually went for the falafel wrap, as falafel has to be up there amongst my favourite foods! When I saw the raw tarts on the menu I also knew that had to be a must-try. I do have a sweet tooth and it just looked too good not to. Here is what we ordered:

Gusto Organic Lemon (both).


THE WILD BURGER – Olive & shiitake burger with cultured Wild Sauce, salsa verde, smokey baba-ganoush, side of sweet potato wedges served on sprouted organic wheat-bread

THE WILD FALAFEL – Pistachio, olive & coriander falafel, kale parsley tabouleh, red pepper & tahini dressing served in dehydrated raw coconut wrap (mine).

The falafel wrap was totally delicious!
The falafel wrap was totally delicious!


Raw Chocolate and Berry Tart (shared).

The most dreamy raw tart – looks almost too perfect to eat!

The portions sizes are generous, and I didn’t finish off my falafel wrap even though it was absolutely delicious. I know that some people looking at the descriptions of the food would be put off straight away, but I can promise it is not as weird as it sounds! I was in my element; the food was absolute heaven! As I said, the flavours are also so much more delicious because the ingredients are all natural and fresh – you totally forget that it’s healthy! Even more so with the raw chocolate and berry tart, which we decided to share because I knew that raw cake can be very dense and therefore filling. It was one of the best things I’ve eaten. It was so rich and chocolaty, and I still find it incredible that something so delicious can be made with the simplest of ingredients.

I think it’s easy to see that I really loved Wild Food Cafe. The food, the atmosphere and the location altogether are what makes this place a real find. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you eat this way all the time or not. I cannot wait to go back again soon and try other food on the menu!

Check out their website –> wildfoodcafe.com

Neal’s Yard has become one of my favourite places in London.

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