Tom’s Kitchen

Living in London, I always feel extremely guilty eating at chain restaurants. It seems a waste. There are so many unique places in London that I want to visit. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with chain restaurants, I enjoy a lunch at Prezzo as much as the next person, but since moving here I have made it my mission to try out different restaurants, bars and cafes! I am a self-confessed enthusiast for good food.

Next on my list: Tom’s Kitchen.

Tom's Kitchen
Exterior – it was a sunny spring day.

If the name rings a bell, it has often been featured on the E4 show, Made in Chelsea (and yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures!) Tom’s Kitchen was somewhere that my sister, Rebecca, and I had wanted to visit for a while, so when she announced that she was coming to stay with me in London for the weekend, it seemed like a good enough excuse. Having seen it on MIC (one for those with the show’s lingo) and taken a look at the Instagram and Twitter pages, which is an obligatory task, we both had high expectations… and it didn’t disappoint!
It describes itself as an ‘English Brasserie serving comfort food favourites’ and I would definitely agree that it lives up to this. The menu is simple, but gives some British classics that up-market element that I think has grown ever more popular in recent years. Other locations include Somerset House, Canary Wharf and St Katherine Docks, although we visited the original on Cale Street in Chelsea which can be found on a quiet street a short walk from Sloane Square station. Although one wouldn’t necessarily stumble across it, its location makes it the perfect place for a break from a busy shopping trip on Kings Road.
It was a Saturday, and because at the weekends they serve Brunch all day, I loved the fact that I could order an Eggs Royale if I so desired! However, I opted for something more conventional for the time of day.

Our order:

Me – Drink: Carrot, ginger and apple juice. Food: Fishcakes with buttered spinach and tomato sauce.
Rebecca – Drink: Fresh raspberry lemonade. Food: Macaroni and cheese
Plus hand-cut chips as a side order (well, it was the weekend.)

Waiting for our food, doubts starting forming in mind if I’d made the right choice. Someone on the table next to us had ordered the burger and when it arrived, I was suddenly hungrier than I thought. Oh well, I knew what to order next time if I was feeling slightly less health conscious.
When our food arrived, my sister’s face was picture. I will never forget the mesmerised grin on her face and I must admit, for someone who is not fond of macaroni and cheese, I thought looked delicious. She described it as “the best I have ever had in my life”. Having not eaten as many macaroni and cheeses in my lifetime as her, I feel I am not qualified to judge but, trust me, she definitely is! And so if nothing else, this has to be a good enough reason to visit again. Not only that, she is a notoriously fussy eater, and despite refusing to try my carrot, ginger and apple juice (which was also the best!), it was easy for her to find something on the menu, making this place suitable for everyone.
At a glance, the food may seem overpriced for what it is – three small fishcakes for £13.50. Yet, I actually think it is good value. The service was excellent and ambience was perfect for relaxed weekend dining. All the food is locally sourced and of top quality, not to mention extremely tasty!

I think it is fair to say that Tom’s Kitchen has made it onto my favourite places to eat in London. Another visit will definitely be planned in the near future.

I recommend if you find yourself in London, visit Tom’s Kitchen.

To find out more, follow the links below.


Twitter: @TomsKitchens

Instagram: @TomsKitchens (Warning. Do not view with an empty stomach. High risk of mouth-watering.)


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